Hello world!

So here I am, looking around my brand new space, very much like someone who has just moved house.  Gonna have to change the wallpaper, do something about the color scheme and the soft furnishings, but it will come.  Gonna have to tell folks about the change of address, too, since this is a real ‘change of address’.

My previous home was a website called vraimenterotique.com on which the lease, I fancy, is soon to expire.  Still got some bits and pieces there, but I hope to complete the move in a fairly short time.  I’ll have to keep going back a while to feed the cats, empty the mailbox and so forth.

I’m a writer of erotica, which means I write sexy stuff but kindly, lovingly and with an admiration for all the best of human qualities.  I have one book published, called “Aphrodite Overboard; the erotic memoirs of a Victorian lady”.  I’ll let you into a secret, though, so lean in close cuz I’m gonna have to whisper it.

“She’s not a Victorian lady!”  In fact she was grown up before Victoria was even born, but my publishers thought ‘Victorian’ would be a useful word in web searches, bring more people to the book.

She’s only had one bad review, poor thing, and a few very good ones.  The bad review compared “Aphrodite” to “The Story of O”, an act which is a bit like comparing a lover’s kiss to a savage bite on the neck.  Fans of it will hate me, but I detest The Story of O.  I bought it to check out the comparison and couldn’t make it past the first few pages.

Sadly I think there’s some poor soul out there who has not forgiven an imagined slight and hangs, poisonous spider-like, looking to deliver her venom.  ‘Tis a pity, but hardly world-shaking.

So “Aph”s a good book and I know it, and I’ve more good books on the way.  I’m working on them right now.  And they’re good in part because I really do care about what I write about and how I write about it, and because my beliefs, mores and ideals are a little different to most.

Almost time to call it a night, I think, for though it says 7:16 pm in my editing module it’s actually 11.23 pm where I am, here in Blighty (England, to you).  It’s black of night outside and soon the foxes will be yowling and fighting and God but I love it.

Goodnight then, World, for now.

4 responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Luna O. says :

    Hello! I’ll have to keep checking back for more.

    I’ve never even tried to read Story of O. I know I should, but then there are a lot of things I should read or at least get a taste of so I have a better idea of what people really mean when they talk about it.

    Enjoy your fox! Ours hasn’t been coming round the house this year. I think he(?) got tired of dealing with the cats.

  2. rvraiment says :

    Hello Luna,

    Lovely to hear from you.

    The ‘Story of O’ must be popular in order to have acquired such fame, but it’s far away from anything I could consider erotic. The idea of requiring someone one loves to suffer pain and indignity to somehow prove that they love you is just not one that sits comfortably with me. It has remained in print for an awfully long time, though, which must say something about it.

    Our fox? Though for some reason I’m not seeing a lot of them – though I’m hearing a great deal – we seem to have hordes of them around here. I think it’s wonderful, though there are those who do not. Years ago I lived in a much more countrified place and dreamed of seeing foxes, and now I live in a city and usually see them regularly.


  3. Sharazade says :

    Hi! Nice to see your new home! If you’ve already decided to change the furnishings, though… I’d shyly put in a request for a template with a larger font… 😉 Or maybe it’s the white letters on the black background? Surely it can’t be my eyes (or my age).

    Enjoy WordPress! I think it’s a great platform.

    • rvraiment says :

      Hello Shar, and my apologies for not responding sooner. I will increase the size of the font just as soon as I find out how to do it! I promise.

      Affection, always, RVR

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