Come again?

There are places in my homeland where ‘come again’ is a request to reiterate something already said, an alternative to ‘repeat please?’ or the more military ‘say again?’.

Without the question mark, of course, it’s what most of us hope to do between the sheets after a particularly happy bout of horizontal jogging.

In my case… well, I’ve kind of ‘come again’. Come again to writing.

After the joy of seeing “Aphrodite Overboard” in print some years ago, time and opportunity have not been on my side. Short stories of mine have appeared in a number of print and e-anthologies, including Renaissance’s “Pirate Booty”, Maxim Jakubowski’s “Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 5” and his “Quick and Dirty” collection, and Sacchi Green’s “Lesbian Cops”.

At any moment now, and you’ll be the first to know, Renaissance are about to publish my latest novel, “Islands”. Cover art and further details will be made available shortly.

There is so much more for me to write, so much written that has not yet been seen or has been briefly seen and vanished into the ether. My hope and ambition is that folks with gentle minds, erotic minds, loving minds, will come to read very much more, very, very soon.

Pirate Booty MBNE5 LesbianCops-206x300 Quick and Dirty

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