Designer Vaginas?

Richard V Raiment copied across from my facebook account.

They’ve got you worrying about whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, how you smell, how your breath smells, what your hair looks like, whether or not there is grey in it, how much underarm or pubic hair you have and what it looks like, what your ass looks like, what your breasts look like, what your teeth look like, what your skin looks like, about having wrinkles, about having periods, about how you dress and the labels on your clothes, bags and shoes, whether take too much or too little pleasure or give too much or too little pleasure in sex. No doubt there’s other stuff I’ve missed. Their business, their profits, are your insecurity Whatever made you think they were ever going to stop? Women are/Woman is beautiful. Only when you turn your back on the fuckwits who make you question that, only when you are absolutely honest about what YOU want, will their profiteering and exploitation come to an end.

Okay, disagree with me.  There’s this idea that we – men and women – dress for ourselves, and in that I’m including the way we wear our hair, the deodorants and perfumes we use, make-up, clothes, underwear and all the rest.

It isn’t true.  We dress for the internalised ‘I’, the me that has been reacted to from our birth by those around us.  We’ve absorbed what some kind of consensus has determined is a ‘good look’ so that, in the end, we feel good when we know we are dressed and appear in a manner attractive to whatever section of society we belong to.  Of course there are exceptions, but don’t swallow the easy lie that you are one of those exceptions just because you have come to think you are.

We dress to make some sort of impact, some sort of statement, and it worries us if we think we fail.

Commerce depends a great deal on making us feel that we fail, that even if we are succeeding, failure is only a slight miss-step away and can only be avoided by some strategy you’ve paid for, by using the right make-up, using the right deodorant, removing ‘unsightly’ hair, wearing the right perfume.

It’s a fraud.  

The human body is a beautiful thing. It perspires, it bleeds, it salivates, it digests and urinates and defecates, it reacts to warmth and coldness to protect you, it produces the miracle of children.

God or nature made us, not the advertising man, and it’s a tragedy that we have allowed him (or her) to distort our perception of what is beautiful in the world until it becomes scarcely visible.

Sorry, ranting.  Not sure I’ve finished.

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