50? Shades of Erotica, Part 1?

Ask a bunch of erotica readers to define what they write and most will respond ‘erotica’ (obviously), ‘smut’, ‘porn’, ‘stroke fiction’, ‘sex’, ‘fantasy’ and other things I’ve probably forgotten.

We each have our own definition of ‘porn’ and, so that you know, my own is that ‘porn’ does not demonstrate a love of humanity, it merely excites and manipulates.  Erotica – by  my definition – starts from a basis of loving what human beings are and the best of what they are capable of being.  Porn challenges taboos for the thrill of it, erotica challenges taboos where the writer believes there is something that needs to be challenged, to be questioned.

On a certain level, perhaps, it is that sex is a beautiful, wonderful thing because of what human beings bring to it, whilst without that it is merely a function of which any of the beasts of the field are capable.

Whilst the physical interaction, the fitting of tab A into slot B (C or D) and the physical feelings and consequences matter, it is also the extraordinary complexity of what is happening between the minds and souls of those involved which – I believe – gives significance and value to the best writing about sex.

More, perhaps, anon.


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