‘Thank you, George Osborne’ song knocks Last Leg from Tory budget STRONG LANGUAGE

Up yours, George.

Mike Sivier's blog

I should apologise for the headline – it probably tries too hard to make the connection between Channel 4’s excellent The Last Leg and George Osborne’s budget. The song in the clip (above) should be enough.

It is to be hoped that this song, and other critical comments on Osborne’s pathetic attempts to bribe the proles with lower taxes on bingo and cheaper beer – the reaction to Grant Shapps’ boneheaded “giving hardworking people what they want” poster was another – will demonstrate to Osborne and his chums that they have gone too far this time:

We won’t be bribed.

We see through their cynical attempt at manipulating our selfishness.

They will suffer for it at the general election.

… but the chances are that he and his cronies didn’t even notice.

Good. They’ll be even more surprised when their cushy little racket comes tumbling down around their ears.


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