Truth seeking

Sorry it’s only a cartoon, but there are here two ‘sketches’ for still life images containing a wine bottle, a glass and a bunch of grapes.  What I am hoping you will tell me is which of the two designs you think would work best.  Nothing more.  Just say left or right, because this is not really about painting at all.

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12 responses to “Truth seeking”

  1. TK says :

    Which image works best for what? I have two answers. If you are trying to promote a package or an idea, the right image works best. If you are trying to highlight each individual item, then the left image works best.

    • rvraiment says :

      Hi TK. No, it’s simpler than that. It’s which image, even as it is, has more impact. Which holds your eye the longest. 🙂

      • TK says :

        Well, then I’m going to go with the one on the right. To me, the one on the right represents and idea while the one on the left represents individual objects separate from any idea. I think the formation of an idea “Let’s drink wine!” has more impact that plain objects “bottle, glass, grapes.”

      • rvraiment says :

        Hi TK and thank you for responding. I’m going to try to post an explanation of this exercise tomorrow, April 18, and hopefully it will start to make some kind of sense. I did expect 90%+ of respondents (were I lucky enough to have them) to go for the image on the right, so you are – for the best of reasons – with the majority.

  2. sacchigreen says :

    The left one catches my eye first, but that may be because I’m used to reading from left to right. The one on the right is more aesthetically pleasing, but I notice the left one more.

    • rvraiment says :

      Thank you for that Sacchi. It is the image on the right which should predominate for most people, but the images may be a bit weak in themselves and, of course, we’re not used to seeing the elements of still life in this kind of configuration. There’s no ‘correct’ answer in this instance, and I’ll be posting more info in due course.

    • Denise says :

      Yes I agree with this. Before I read the explanation I thought “Right”. Afterwards I thought “Left” is the one that is most arresting to my attention. This is because I can see all the objects clearly and nothing is obscured.

      • rvraiment says :

        Hello Denise, and thank you for responding. I’ve just made the follow up post.

        As the post explains, my model was no doubt ‘flawed’ (or my words weren’t quite right) but the result still came out as 75% or more with a preference for the second image. There are good reasons for some choosing the first image, not least because it is a very unusual configuration, and I am truly grateful for your commenting. Warmest best wishes to you,


  3. Archon's Den says :

    The right! The left image seems disconnected, like a to-do list. The right seems more inclusive and organic, although the glass and grapes impinge on the bottle. They seem just a bit too friendly. I would move them each outward until there was just the slightest overlap. 🙂

  4. Livonne says :

    the image on the right is more appealing to me.. I think because my eye is drawn to one part of the canvas, not spread over the canvas like the first one. Does that make me lazy? lol

    • rvraiment says :

      Hello Livonne and thank you for being in touch. In fact I would have predicted 90% + responses to favourite the image on the right. I’ll explain why in my next post, which I hope will be Friday 18 April.

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