The Sweetest Thing

In a world which is endlessly hypocritical about sex it is great to encounter a writer who writes out of the genuine male love and admiration of women which women themselves seem often not to understand.

There are certain feelings which are hard to express, especially when one suspects that the person you are expressing them to may never have shared anything like that feeling. One tries. The moment one first sees a real, living tiger, the gold, the black, the white, the dainty white spots on the back of its ears, its glorious, beautiful, dangerous eyes, its sinuous, elegant, energy-packed beauty. The moment one first sees a hummingbird, its impossible slenderness, its impossible stasis in mid-air. The moment a baby, new and all unknowing, wraps its tiny fingers instinctively around one of your own and earns unasked and forever your desire to love and protect it.

It is such feelings which, in some of us, form our response to women. The element of desire is there, but it is not predatory. It is informed by awe and admiration. And whilst sex itself may sometimes be the wonderful affirmation of those feelings it is not exclusively so. It is much, much more. Julius Addlesee, thank the Stars, is one who knows it:

The Sweetest Thing, by Julius Addlesee

The Sweetest Thing contains stories by a gentle gentleman who knows and loves women. I have known the writer and his work for a good many years and have frequently urged him to take his sweet and sexy stories to a wider public. At long last he has done just that and I, for one, am very glad of it. Even when most explicit, Julius Addlesee’s description is gentle, kind, fun and loving, the words of a man who cherishes that which is female. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.

R V RaimentThe sweetest thing

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