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“Aphrodite Overboard”, Extract ‘Loving ‘Me Lady”

On the 28th of May 2016 it was my privilege to attend “Smut by the Sea” at Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, meeting face to face with other authors and readers I have previously known only through social media.

As part of the event, I read an extract from my novel “Aphrodite Overboard” which seems to have given its audience some pleasure. Here I have replicated the extract in a voice file, and I hope others may obtain some pleasure from it too. I apologize if the audio is not the highest quality, but I’m told it’s acceptable.

Managing to keep my extract within the five specified minutes, I was able to escape – rather, I think, to my own and Victoria Blisse’s disappointment – the butt paddling by which readers are reminded that they are straying over time. Here again, including the necessary introduction, the audio is a little short of five minutes long, but if it inspires any lady to wish to paddle my butt… well, be in touch.