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Flasher: ‘Tongues of Angels’


Strange Zander, alone, has never failed her.  No lies, no excuses – only unfailing sweetness.  No hint of another, no wayward glance, only compliments and kindness.  Every day he worships her.


Her thighs upon his fluttering shoulders, his face deep-buried in pink and scent, moisture of tongue and pussy commingling, consuming fire dances, electric, in her loins.


Suffused and writhing, she begs him fill her, weeps come and joy and, coming, cries aloud:


“Zander!  You are a fucking angel!”


As she sleeps, fulfilled, complete, the stars that once were him filter skyward, dust-motes in reverse, from her Heaven to his own.


by R V Raiment 

Copyright 2004, Richard V Raiment

Erotica flasher – A Writer’s Dilemma

At the point of calling it a day I’ve decided instead just to put some work out there, starting with Flashers. These will be appearing in my WordPress and Tumblr blogs too.

Here’s a very slightly revised ten year old of 99 or so words.

A Writer’s Dilemma ( was’Variation on a Theme’)

Chance or mischance brought me home to find her naked, sucking the happy cock of a happier friend, his familiar head back-tilted with his pleasure, his familiar voice unfamiliar in its ecstasy. Having written the scene, I’ve never thought to see it, do not know if my anguished heart fits the script I typed so eagerly days ago.

And seeing me she’s laughing, looks so winsome, his jizm drizzling down her chin:

“I was only keeping him busy till you came home, hon,” she tells me, cheekily smiling, “so’s we could try the threesome that you wrote last week.”

Copyright 2004, Richard V Raiment