Photograph courtesy of Rafal Mokrzycki, taken in St James’ Park, London, 14 August 2016.

In editing the page my previous ‘advisory’ seems to have disappeared, so I’m going to repeat it – as best I can remember it – here.

I used to be a writer of adult, erotic literary fiction. This site continues to contain some of my writing and other erotic elements. If you are not of age to look at/read such material, or if there is any law or regulation in your community which means you should not view such material, then please do not do so.

I’m not a web wizard, so this site will hopefully evolve over time. It is likely that the erotica elements will remain – I may even add to them – but for now it is primarily home to the Squirrel’s Nut (myself), my thoughts, observations and philosophies, my photographs and, in due course, my artwork.

For now, as before, ‘Good’ bless, and watch this space.

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